Dates Principle Events Location Major Works
1881 May 1 Marie - Joseph Pierre Teilhard de Chardin born Sarcenat  
1899 March 20 Enters Jesuit noviciate Aix-en Provence  
1902 October

First year as a scholastic

Geological field trip in Jersey

1905 End of August Leaves for Egypt for required three years teaching in Jesuit college Cairo  
1909 October

First year of theology

Geological field trip with Pere Pellotier


The Weald; Jersey

L'eocene des environs de Minieh
1911 August 24 Ordained priest Hastings  
1912 October

Begins course under Marcellin Boule at the Museum of Natural History

Studies phosphorites in Quercy

1914 July Field trip with Jean Boussac Alpes du Dauphine  
1914 August Begins tertianship Canterbury  
1914 December Called up for service with medical corps Clermont Les carnassiers des phosphorites du Quercy
1915 January Stretcher-bearer (2nd class) in the 8th Moroccan Light Infantry    
1915 May   Ypres Sector  
1915 June Transfers to 4th combined regiment of Zouaves and Light Infantry    
1915 August   Arras District  
1915 August 29 Mentioned in divisional orders    
1915 September 1 Croix de Guerre    
1916 January In billets behind the line Nieuport-Ville  
1916 March 24 From this date onwards drafts numberous writings   La vie cosmique (Ecrits guerre)
1916 April 24 Finishes La vie cosmique Dunkirk sector  
1919 July Passes certificate in geology Paris l'evangelisation des temps nouveaux
1919 July Passes certificate in geology Paris l'evangelisation des temps nouveaux
1920 March Passes certificate in zoology Paris  
1920 June Preparation of doctoral thesis in geology at the Institut Catholique    
1920 July Excavations near Rheims in connection with thesis Rheims  
1922 March 22 Oral examination for doctoral thesis Les mammiferes de l'eocene inferieur francais l'evangelisation des temps nouveaux
1922 March 22 Assistant Professor of Geology    
1923 April 6 To China via Suez, Ceylon, Sumatra, Hong Kong, Shanghai    
1923 May Joins Pere Emile Licent, S.J. Tientsin  
1923 June First field trip with Licent Ordos  
1923 August 6 Writes Mass on the World in the Ordos Deser    
1924 April Field trip with Pere Licent Eastern Mongolia  
1924 August Joins Professor George Barbour Kalgan  
1924 September Returns to France by sea Shanghai  
1924 October Resumes courses at Institut Catholique Paris  
1924 October Gives retreats for students of Grandes Ecoles